Girl Friend BETA Original Soundtrack is the soundtrack album containing music from the Girl Friend BETA anime series, composed by Kenji Kawai.

Track listing Edit

  1. Sunday Morning (日曜の朝)
  2. Ideal Weather for Walks (お散歩日和)
  3. Rhythmic Sports Gymnastics (新体操)
  4. I must go on a Diet (ダイエットしなきゃ)
  5. Moment (ひととき)
  6. Let's Go to School (学校に行こう)
  7. What to do... (どうしよう…)
  8. Look Forward (前を向いて)
  9. What the? (あれっ?)
  10. Opening Bell (♪始業ベル♪)
  11. Changing Mood (気分を変えて)
  12. Akane's Theme (明音のテーマ)
  13. Bath Time (バスタイム)
  14. Let's Sidetrack (寄り道しよう)
  15. Oh Noes! (しまった!)
  16. I'll Try Getting Taller (背すじを伸ばしてみる)
  17. School Festival (学園祭)
  18. End of School Day (下校時間)
  19. Lunch Break (♪お昼休み♪)
  20. Christmas (クリスマス)
  21. What Must I Do (どうすれば…)
  22. I Found It (見つけたよ)
  23. Fumio's Theme (文緒のテーマ)
  24. Valuable Time (大切な時間)
  25. I Just Remembered (思い出した)
  26. Girls' Meeting (女子会にて)
  27. We'll Meet Again? (また会える?)
  28. Ending Bell (♪終業ベル♪)
  29. Chloe's Theme (クロエのテーマ)
  30. Vice Principal (教頭先生)
  31. What the What? (ええっ?)
  32. Kokomi's Theme (心美のテーマ)
  33. Thanks (ありがとう)
  34. Ow Ow! (あわわ!)
  35. See You Tomorrow (また、明日)
  36. Let's Go to School Tomorrow (明日も学校に行こう)

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