Sagara Emi
Profile 121
Sagara Emi
Character Information
Faction Pop
Class 2
Club Street Performance Research Group
Birthdate Nov 8
Horoscope Scorpio
Height 152cm
Weight 45kg
B-W-H 89-56-84cm
東山奈央 (Touyama Nao)

Emi Sagara is a second year Student at Seio High School. In the anime, she is classmates with main character Kokomi Shiina. Just like her Game Counterpart, she is in the street performance research club.

In episode 2 she joins the diet alliance in order to lose some weight. However it becomes noticable, that she out of all the girls in the alliance, is the only one that does not participate in any kind ouf athletic club activity, thus making it difficult for her to keep up with the other.

In Episode 4 she wants to gain the permission to take care of one of the 5 lost cat, that Akane Sakurai and Isuzu Shiranui found, only probleme here is, that her parents will only allow her to keep the cat if she manage to improve her grades. So she meet up with Akane, Isuzu,Hina Niigaki, Yukie Yatsuka, Kazuha Kumada and Nao Miyoshi to study. In the end she does succed.

In Episode 11, she wants to help convince Chloe Lemaire father, to let her stay.