Shiina Kokomi
Profile 65
Shiina Kokomi
Character Information
Faction Cool
Class 2
Club Rhythmic Gymnastics
Birthdate May 31
Horoscope Gemini
Height 160cm
Weight 48kg
B-W-H 83-58-85cm
佐藤聡美 (Satou Satomi)

Appearance and Personality Edit

Role in anime Edit

In the anime, she is one of the main characters in the series. Just like her game counterpart, she is in rhythmic gymnastic club In addition to that she is the Ace of said club and everyone in Seiou High is holding high expectations for her, which she fulfills more or less. For that, she is admired by many of her fellow students and has many friends, but despite her great popularity, Kokomi manages to stay quite humble and kind. In the anime, she is also the only character whom we see parents.

Kokomi is the main protagonist of the first episode. In said episode she finds a photo, belonging to third year student, Chloe Lemaire. Assuming that this photo is very important to her, she spends the entire episode searching for Chloe, to give it back. After meeting up with Chloe, it is confirmed that her assumation was right, the photo was really important to her. Being very grateful toward her, she promised Kokomi to do her a favor.

In Episode 2, Kokomi finds herself with a new problem. Knowing that a rhythmic gymnastic tournament is coming up, her mom prepares a rather extravagant meal. In result to that, she begins to worry about her own weight. So she goes to a quest to go on a diet and thankfully she is not alone. Turns out that many students like Matsuri Kagami and Tsugumi Harumiya have then same problem, so they bind together to form the diet alliance, which consist of Rui Kamijo, Rino Suzukawa, Matsuri Kagami, Tsugumi Harumiya, Eri Minaguchi and Emi Sagara. Together they would train to lose some weight, which fails anyway because Akane Sakurai misinterprets the entire situation and provides the girl with melon buns. All of the girls are too hungry to resist and end up eating them. In the end she meets up with model Nao Miyoshi, who then proceeds to give her further advice on dieting and at the end of the episode, she does succeed.

Trivia Edit

  • Despite the many Bishojo in the series, she is the only character that gets praise for her good looks much more than the other girls
  • She seems to like melon buns, as every time she goes to the school cafeteria, she chooses to buy melons buns
  • She seems to have an admiration/crush on Nonoka Sasahara. I am saying both of those worlds, as this is never really clarified. In the first episode she seems to have crush on her, which she shows by immediately blushing and opening her eye in rather attracted manner (a reaction she does not show to any other character). In episode 8 however this strong reaction is no longer to be found. She seems to have an admiration for her at best (which is never really explained, why she holds such admiration for her in the first place.)

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